Our Team

The educators at Aveda Institute New Mexico are some of the most highly skilled, highly educated and experienced professionals in the business. However, they don’t rest on their laurels. All of our educators go through multifaceted yearly training to keep up with the latest techniques in cut, color, and leadership.

Our educators are masterful, but also personable. They have been known to volunteer time to help students with projects like fashion shows, field trips, donations, photo shoots, and community outreach. They are some of your first and most important relationships in the Aveda professional world, and they strive to develop those relationships to make learning impactful.

Michele Grant

Michelle has been working at Aveda Institute New Mexico since 2012, but she has been a licensed educator for 13 years and a cosmetologist since 1986. In addition to being a licensed cosmetology instructor, she is also a Master Barber, Aveda certified in Haircutting, Color and Texture and Aveda Makeup, obtained additional certifications in Productivity, 4-Mat Training, and 7 Habits Training.

She enjoys reading, watching movies, cooking and soaking her feet in the mineral springs as much as she can. Michelle prides herself on her students being confident and professional stylists. She is task-oriented but loves to have fun in classes.

Sheridan Jobe

Sheridan has been working at Aveda Institute New Mexico since 2014. He is certified in Hair Cutting and Color, and has been a certified cosmetologist since 2006 and a licensed Master Barber and Cosmetologist Educator since 2012. He did hair for five years before becoming an Educator at the age of 22. After he moved to Albuquerque to pursue his career in teaching, he found his Aveda family here at Aveda Institute New Mexico. Sheridan also works at Oooh Girl Who Did Your Hair? Salon and Spa as a Master Hair Cutter and Colorist.

John Madrid III

John has been working at Aveda Institute New Mexico since 2012. He has been a licensed cosmetologist for 35 years and has been a licensed Cosmetology Educator for 22 years. He is certified as a Learn Aveda Cutting Coach, Aveda Color & Texture Educator, Aveda Makeup Educator, and in the Learn Aveda Cutting Curriculum. He is also Lesson Plan certified through the University of Texas seminar. John loves participating in competitions and getting the students involved. They’re a wonderful opportunity to perfect skills and create confidence. In fact, Competition Coach is one of John’s favorite hat to wear. He believes that every day is a second chance.

Angelina (Angel) Saavedra

Angelina Saavedra; A New Mexico native, a wife and a mother of 3 beautiful children. Angelina has been a part of our Aveda family since May of 2017. Angelina is a cosmetology guru, she has been in love with the art since she was just a young girl. With over 13+ years of salon experience and her appreciation of the Industry, it has led her into the path of educating young individuals with the same passion for being successful in their talents. She hopes to encourage and educate the new generation by eluding, determination and confidence. All while helping them perfect their skills and promote the rewards of being a hard worker, not only in the beauty industry but in life. She has the utmost confidence in every one of her students and feels each one of them brings a unique talent to the Aveda family. Angelina works as a clinic floor instructor and educator in our Phase 3 classroom.

Her mission; To give, forgiving is what I do best and I will always strive to do better. I will seek to learn, for learning is the foundation for growth and growing is the key to living. I will seek first to understand, for understanding is the key to finding value, and value is the basis for respect, decisions, and action. I want to teach others to love and laugh, to learn and grow beyond their current boundaries. I will build personal, business, and civic relationships by giving in frequent little ways to the best of my ability.

LeeSandra DeJesus

LeeSandra has been working for Aveda Institute New Mexico since 2014. She is a licensed cosmetologist and Educator. Who has obtained additional advanced certifications in numerous skin care and makeup techniques including; chemical exfoliations, lash extensions and airbrushing. She also carries certifications in Aveda Makeup and Aveda Skin Care. LeeSandra has also trained with several professional makeup and skin care brands. Her specialties include bridal makeup and airbrushing. LeeSandra is originally from San Francisco and has been in the beauty industry for 10 years. She started by mentoring adolescents in skin care and continued on to the makeup industry. LeeSandra has more than lived up to her belief that you must never become stagnant or comfortable in your education, knowledge or skills. Keep achieving, and keep accomplishing every goal and vision you have.

Evangelina “Lina” Sosa Galloway

Evangelina has been an Esthiology Educator at Aveda Institute New Mexico since 2010 and a licensed cosmetologist since 1988. She is also certified in eyelash extensions. Evangelina has two sons that have followed her down this career path: one is getting his barber license, and the other is currently finishing up cosmetology school. She is immensely proud of their accomplishments. Evangelina believes that everyone you meet has something to teach you.

Roxanne Fernandez

Prior to coming to the Aveda Institute of New Mexico in October 2016, and becoming our Director. Roxanne has been with the Aveda brand since 1995. She has experience as an Aveda Distributor, which allowed her to work closely with education teams and Aveda lifestyle stores. For 13 years she also was on the Mark Pardo SalonSpa team, as a team leader, and valued member of the family.
“My experience has been amazing, the relationships that we build with team members and students is like another family. I love that we are always evolving and growing.” – Fernandez, Said.
Roxanne does have some words of wisdom for student’s when looking for new jobs. She suggests you always research where you are applying, visit the salon and interview the staff, you will know when you walk in,
if the place for you
Her favorite quote is: “It all begins and ends in your mind, what you give the power to has power over you if you allow it.”

Victoria Marquez

Victoria has been an Educator at Aveda Institute New Mexico since 2003. She is an Aveda certified esthiology coach and Aveda certified makeup coach. Currently, she is the acting Esthiology Team Lead. Victoria loves guiding students and helping them grow to become the best professionals they can be.

Julianna Martinez

Julianna has been working at Aveda Institute New Mexico since 2014. She has been a licensed cosmetologist since 2008 and received her cosmetology instructor license in 2011. She also has several advanced certifications including; Aveda Makeup, Aveda Haircutting, Aveda Color, Helga Van Dyke glycolic and chemical peel, Helga Van Dyke Body Wrap, Helga Van Dyke MezzoTech, and Eyelash Extensions.

Julianna has enjoyed a variety of experiences since launching her career, including acting as the State Competition Coordinator from 2009-2014, judging for SKILLS USA in 2010, and assisting with NAHA for Mark Pardo SalonSpa in 2016. She is currently serving as the event coordinator, Finical Aid Officer and NACCAS Compliance Officer for the Aveda Institute New Mexico. Julianna loves her work and the environment her co-workers help create. She believes that to succeed, you must always strive for what you want—and never let anyone tell you can’t do something. The sky is the limit.

Tiffany R Rice

Tiffany has been working at Aveda Institute New Mexico since 2015. She has an associate degree in applied sciences (cosmetology) and graduated with highest honors. She is also a Licensed Cosmetology Educator and is Aveda Haircutting Certified. Before Tiffany stated at Aveda Institute, she owned a nail boutique for three years. She believes that education is the key to success and that knowledge is power.

Darlene K Gallegos

Darlene has been working at the Aveda Institute New Mexico since 2010. She has been a licensed cosmetologist for 35 years and a licensed Educator for 17 years. Darlene is Aveda certified in Color, Haircutting, and Aveda Makeup. She is also an Aveda certified Color Coach and has additional training in 4-Mat and 7 Habit Training. Darlene has a son, daughter, and granddaughter, who are the lights of her life. She has been in the beauty industry for 35 years and loves every moment. To Darlene, hers is the most rewarding profession out there—she loves that she has been able to touch so many lives throughout her journey.

Amber DeJesus

Amber has been working for Aveda Institute New Mexico since 2014. In addition to being a licensed cosmetologist and Educator, she is certified in various skin care lines, advanced skin care treatments, air brushing and makeup application. Amber was born in the Bay Area in California and has always been interested in the beauty industry, which led her to pursue a cosmetology degree at age 19. Before she became an Educator at Aveda Institute, she worked as a salon manager and as an Aveda Advisor. Amber believes that the universe is for you—and so is everything else.

Anne Fox

Anne has been at the Aveda Institute New Mexico since 2014. She has been doing hair for about 17 years and has been teaching cosmetology for 9. She is a certified Aveda Hair Color and Haircutting Coach. Currently, she is the Cosmetology Team Lead.

Her industry experience throughout her career is vast and includes holding many positions. Including hairstylist, salon manager, salon owner, and salon educator. Anne moved to New Mexico about two years ago so she can be closer to her family, and she enjoys getting to spend her free time with them. Cosmetology is not just her job, but her passion and hobby. She loves this industry and everything that comes with it.

Rosanna M Naranjo (Rosie)

Rosanna is a licensed Cosmetologist and is extension certified. She has been doing hair for 4 years and continues to work at Mark Pardo SalonSpas as a Master Stylist. A new addition to the Aveda Institute education team, Rosanna brings her years of experience behind the chair and more. She currently is a member of the Mark Pardo SalonSpa creative team. Who works on fashions shows, hair shows, photo shoots and other creative projects.
In addition to her professional work, she loves and cares for 3 dogs. Currently, she is also attending school to become a certified yoga instructor.
“What I love about teaching is being able to guide and develop skills for the future. I also enjoy the nurture and support that comes with teaching. ” – Naranjo, Said.
Her favorite quote is:
“You create beauty with your attitude your behavior your actions
 it’s all up to you.”