Seven Reasons Why Aveda Institute Grads Have an Advantage

All cosmetology schools are NOT created equal! Certified beauty schools or cosmetology programs are all required to prepare their students for the state licensing exam — teaching foundational haircuts, color, and chemical processes. But Aveda Institutes offer so much more than prepping you to pass that test.

When choosing a cosmetology or esthiology school, it’s smart to give equal consideration to the career you’ll launch when you graduate. No other cosmetology or esthiology program gives its students a better entry into a high-end salon and spa career. According to beauty industry studies, Aveda cosmetologists and estheticians earn 3 times more than their counterparts — and that’s no accident.

Here are the seven reasons why students who graduate from any Aveda Institute — have an advantage over students from other cosmetology programs.

  1. Practice makes perfect. When learning any skill that marries head with hands — like playing an instrument, designing clothes, or cutting hair — the most important element is practice. Though class time is needed to introduce information, practice time is what transmits that material from theory to skill. This is why Aveda Institutes’ curriculum focuses so heavily on practice. One of the major complaints of cosmetology graduates is: “I wish I’d been busier in school.” This is something you’ll never hear from an Aveda Institute student. With roughly 80% of their learning time dedicated to practice, in teaching salons that function exactly like Aveda salons, Aveda Institute students are prepared on the day they graduate to work in the real world (in Aveda salons or anywhere else, for that matter).
  2. Your instructors are heavy hitters at the top of their game. Aveda Institute trainers are committed ongoing students as well as teachers. They stay on the cutting edge of techniques, trends and fashion, taking expert classes and workshops like those through Aveda Advanced Academy, rotating Aveda Education Courses around the country, Aveda Business College, the annual Aveda Congress, and Aveda Global Education and Events. Aveda Institute students get the benefit of having the most innovative instruction available in salon and spa education.
  3. Aveda Institutes take your career seriously.  While you’re in school, learning what it takes to become a licensed Cosmetologist or an Esthitition is your job. Exposing you to a constant stream of career opportunities is ours. Aveda Institutes hold career fairs and regularly invite the owners of top area salons and spas to give presentations, conduct Q&A sessions, and recruit heavily from our student body. Aveda Institutes also routinely host top names in the industry — including celebrity and runway stylists, platform educators, and Aveda Global Artists — to give our students the opportunity to network with influential people outside the realm of local salons and spas.
  4. Preferential hiring in America’s most successful salons. More than half of Salon Today Magazine’s influential “Top 200 Salons” are Aveda salons. Because the Aveda brand is committed to imparting business success to salon and spa owners (like Aveda Institutes are committed to imparting business knowledge to students), Aveda salons are among the most profitable and fastest-growing in the country. That means they can offer benefits and perks that most salons can’t. This includes annual salaries, health insurance, 401K plans, advanced education opportunities, paid vacation, significant discounts on Aveda products, and more. And guess what? Aveda Institute graduates are their preferred hires.
  5. You’re part of a brand that’s: Fashion-forward and globally successful. Aveda stylists and products are not only found in upscale salons and spas, but at Fashion Weeks in New York, London, and Paris; at Aveda Rocks the Runway fashion shows around the country; at the renowned annual hair & fashion extravaganza Aveda Master Jam, and more. Aveda artists style A-list celebrities for the red carpet and provide creative vision for the world’s hottest designers. That success is reflected in Aveda’s products, which has the highest “try-to-buy” ratio in the industry. A whopping 54% of people who try Aveda products will buy them. This statistic serves as much as a point of pride as it does a commission builder to fatten your paycheck.
  6. You’re part of a brand that’s: An industry leader in sustainability, eco-friendliness, and social progress. Aveda is a corporate leader and pioneer in protecting and advancing the Earth and its inhabitants. This is true of:

Aveda products (made from pure, natural, organic and responsibly sourced ingredients);

Aveda practices (Aveda is a global pioneer in sustainable business practices, such as manufacturing with 100% wind power, and using recycled materials and soy ink for packaging and printing); and

Aveda fundraising (through special product sales and Earth Month initiatives we raise millions annually for clean water).

This also means Aveda workplaces are free of the typical chemicals and toxins that have traditionally made salons an incredibly unhealthy environment. By contrast, Aveda salons and spas are nurturing centers of wellness.

Your first step to career success happens the moment you walk into an Aveda Institute. But don’t just envision yourself as an Aveda Institute student — take a tour! We’ll answer all your questions, and show you firsthand what amazing, exciting and success-building places Aveda Institutes really are.