It’s not too late to change careers

In honor of Mother’s Day, we wanted to let all the moms out there know that finding a career
that balances home life and work life is possible!

We all know that being a mom is a full-time job in itself and adding school or a career to that seems impossible, but Beauty School is actually perfect for moms who want a flexible career that also allows for time with your family. Here are just some of the reasons Cosmetology is a great career for moms:

You can start and finish school in about 1 year! – This means less time away from your kids and you will be working sooner to support them.

You’re only in class 3 days a week – At Aveda Institute New Mexico we have an Eco-schedule so you can choose the days that work best for you and your family. Plus, once you are working as a Cosmetologist you have the opportunity to keep a flexible schedule.

You’re with other Moms just like you – Many of our students and staff are mothers themselves, so they understand your journey and share the same passion as you. This industry is full of working moms, so you have a support network to help you through!

You become a Role Model for your Kids – As a Licensed Cosmetologist, you have a skilled trade for life. You are an Artist, Saleswoman, Entrepreneur, and Trendsetter; definitely someone your kids can look up to!

Financial Aid is available – An Aveda Education is an investment for you and your family, so don’t let the cost keep you from achieving your goals. Our Financial Aid Advisor can meet with you to help you explore a variety of options to help fund your education.

It’s Never Too Late to Start! – Many moms tend to put their personal goals on hold to prioritize the needs of their family, and you might feel like it may be too late to get started, but there is no timeline and no age limits as to when you can become a cosmetologist. The time is now!

We know that starting something new can be intimidating, but don’t let fear of the unknown hold you back. If you want a way to express your creativity and still have time for family, then check out our cosmetology program and see if a career in beauty is the right path for you.

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